We are proud and happy to be able to present a completely new and unique strip club That will open in Stockholm this spring

 The unique thing about our club is that it is a double-decker bus that will operate on the streets of Stockholm on late evenings and nights. Our club will also offer male dancers, which no other club in Sweden does.

So we are looking for both girls and boys 50/50, and our goal is to put together a well-functioning team that together with us will get a very nice workplace. We will also attend various types of events, concerts, fairs and so on.

Companies will be offered afterwork at the club. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, it is only the imagination that will set limits for what we together will be able to accomplish. Very important is that we quickly find an interaction and form a nice and stable team.

We are very flexible and see no problems with you working for example 2 weeks and are away 2 weeks and then come back 2 weeks etc. It is of course an advantage if you have experience of the industry but not a requirement.

More important is that you are socially competent and have easy getting along with new people. Our customers are never to be left alone in the club, they are to be entertained all the time.

We guarantee you:

Your safety in all situations
Wages up to EUR 7000/18 days or more…
Help with accommodation
Contact person in your homecountry
Not Included: Flights and food


We will assist with accommodation during your time in Sweden. The salary will consist of a fixed part but to the greater part commission-based and we guarantee you fair terms and your security in all situations. The club is aimed at all target groups, women, men and couples.

Our goal is to create a popular stamp in this industry that Sweden has never seen before. The clubs that exist today in Stockholm only focus on businessmen and it gets pretty quickly a boring workplace. Together with us have fun throughout the pass and make good money.

We have of course rules, main rule is customers never get physical with the dancers at any time Further conditions and rules of procedure are presented after your application.

We are looking forward to a short presentation containing experience and some personal lines as well as A new photo. We are looking forward to hear from you.
The team behind Crazyzndayclub.se